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What Do We Mean by SEO and What  SEO Services do you Need?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process that SEO experts use to get websites noticed on search engines. It is the various SEO processes used to achieve the best organic ranking places. The SEO services used for this include onsite optimization, technical SEO and off-site methods. All of these used together can improve a website’s rankings.

NO1 SEO Ireland offers many kinds of SEO Services. As you know, every business market differs so it is necessary to decide which SEO services will be needed to supply the best results.

SEO Services Offered to our Carlow Clients

Onsite Optimization

Link Building

Social Media Marketing

PPC ( Pay Per Click) Advertising


Content Writing

Technical Improvements to Website such as improving page speeds.




The No1 SEO Service – Onsite Optimization

If a company is interested in getting its website to rank then the first SEO Service should be Onsite Optimization. Some web developers when building your website will add some onsite optimization which can have differing onsite optimizationresults. Most will not, leaving it to you, the client, to obtain their own Onsite Optimization. Unfortunately when you go to an SEO or Digital Marketing company a rebuild is sometimes necessary to fix mistakes which the web developer has built into the structure of the website. If you use a digital marketing company for both you will mostly avoid this problem. (  Though not always. Some companies still build first and plan later, which is not ideal for future SEO rankings.)

If you would like another company/web developer to build your website and wanted us to perform onsite optimization, then we would prefer to be able to consult with the website developer before the build starts.

By itself, good onsite optimization,( if you are in a low, or low to medium competition bracket) can get you ranked well in Google. Like everything to do with SEO though, you can’t walk away and leave it. Once you have obtained the rankings you want, you will still have to add new and SEO rich content in order to keep it there, otherwise, someone else will take your ranking.


If you are a local company, meaning your market is inside a certain area, then you should insist on localized SEO. This informs the search engines where your main business area is, and you rank better because of it.

The No2 SEO Service – Link Building

While not the top SEO service that it was a few years ago, Link Building is still massively important to your website rankings. There are various kinds of Link Building, and it can be quite dangerous to your website unless doneback link building properly. The best kind is where through very good content writing and social media you get links back to your website from other people’s (hopefully) high ranking websites. This can improve both your page strength and organic ranking.

The Google Algorithm is constantly changing the amount of importance link building is to your website’s  SEO strength. This is because many companies were paying for thousands of links each month coming from inferior, specially manufactured websites. Link Building is now the best-known form of Black Hat SEO. If connected to undesirable websites you can be in serious trouble. It has created the need to examine all your backlinks to ensure they are safe to use.


The No3 SEO Service – Social Media Marketing

Probably the best form of SEO after Onsite Optimization. Not only does it allow you to create safe backlinks, but it also allows you to build up awareness of your website. By being well known you increase the ranking of your social media marketingwebsite. Social media can really help to build a company’s brand image, so it goes without saying that a badly run campaign can do a lot of damage to a company’s image.

PPC ( Pay Per Click) Advertising

It might seem strange that by paying for PPC you increase your organic ranking. This is especially true when using Google Adwords. The increased amount of traffic going through your website means that you will have PPC Marketingincreased rankings for your paid keywords. As it is mainly directed traffic from your chosen audience your bounce rates drop, and your traffic increases. This is what causes the improvement in your rankings.

There is also the social media PPC platforms, which normally can be run at a lower cost. Which platform is used depends on where your client base spends the most time. We can help you decide where to advertise and set up your ads to achieve the best results.


Similar to social media in a way. First, we create a Blog on your website. Then we write articles with links back to certain landing pages on your website which you wish to promote.blogging

By posting these articles on your social media platforms we can increase the number of visitors to your website and in turn increase your organic ranking.

Content Writing

As above, this is when we write new content for your website. These new and interesting articles help to keep people returning to your website and sharing articles. The more people that find your website interesting andcontent writing relevant the higher Google places you. This content also allows you to increase the strength of your keywords giving you higher organic rankings.

Technical SEO Services Improvements to Website

Technical SEO Services are often forgotten about. Not many companies are aware of this fact, but a strong ranking factor for many websites is the page loading speed of the website. The slower your website loads the higher your bounce rate. If your page load speed is over 2 seconds you have a problem. At No1 SEO Ireland we use several techniques to improve your website’s page load speed and from this a decrease in your bounce rate and thus an improvement in your search engine rankings.

The Last Few SEO Services

The reason that the above few SEO Services are not placed in order is that while they all have effects on your SEO Ranking it is different for each website. Also, the constantly changing algorithms leave it very difficult to say with accuracy which of the last few are more important. It is probably fair to say ignore any of them at your peril.